SOLOLIFT 2 domestic waste disposal stations

Increasing the standard in lifting stations

Designed by professionals for professionals. SOLOLIFT2, Grundfos’ new range of residential wastewater removal units, makes home conversions and renovations easier than ever. The second generation of lifting stations sets new standards in reliability and simplicity of maintenance and replacement. Grundfos’ new and improved SOLOLIFT2 range of residential wastewater removal plants offers the latest technology to plumbing installers, focusing on the everyday challenges of wastewater removal. The majority of currently existing incisor solutions are not satisfactory and do not meet customer requirements. This prompted Grundfos to present a truly professional solution that can easily manage any type of toilet paper as well as occasional ‘feminine’ products. But definitely the best cutter can get clogged up by ‘inappropriate’ items, so maintenance and repair should be quick, easy and clean. Ordinary incisors require complex disassembly and draining of the plant before maintenance, while with the new SOLOLIFT2 everything is simply left in place. Simply remove the maintenance cap for immediate and clean access. Even replacement is no longer a big issue, as there is no need to additional plumbing work because it is no longer required.

Designed for installers

SOLOLIFT2 was designed with installers in mind. Before its development, the Grundfos asked a significant number of installers from various countries about their needs and requirements from this new range. All agreed that “clogging” and the laborious removal of the objects that caused it, together with general maintainability are the main problems in lifting units of this type. With this information, SOLOLIFT2 has evolved to become as reliable and easy to maintain as possible, from the self-cleaning design to the innovative plug-and-go printed alarm circuit connected to plugs USB type.

A more reliable solution, with an eye on upgrading.

The SOLOLIFT2 series has been specifically designed to manage wastewater from residential, commercial and public buildings. It is suitable for cases where there is no necessary flow to the sewer. large sololift c3 framed. Because it does not depend on the slope of the ground, it offers total flexibility and independence to put a sewer anywhere. Because no additional pipes need to be installed, the cost of renovations is not charged to the end user. The only things needed are a pipe with a diameter as big as a thumb and an electrical supply. With SOLOLIFT2, final users upgrade their home by creating an additional bathroom or laundry room – wherever they want.

Indicative diagram of sololoft use

Its new design makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze