Drilling pumps

The SP system When water needs to move

Complete submersible pump systems
The SP range is your guarantee for high-quality water supply. Capable of handling flows up
to 470 m3/h and heads up to 810 m, SP systems give you everything you need from a single

A total system combines a stainless-steel SP submersible pump, an MS/MMS motor made
specifically with submersible pump applications in mind, and an MP 204 motor protection
unit for added reliability. The complete package gives you complete peace of mind by making
sure your water supply application works every time. And all the time.

Stainless steel to handle all environments
SP systems are used worldwide wherever efficient water handling is called for.

The main application areas are irrigation of farmland and groundwater extraction for tap water, but

there are many other, more specialised uses. Impressive water fountains and saltwater fish
farms are just two examples – see below for more. Wherever you need water to move, SP
systems will do it with complete reliability.

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SP – the original that stays ahead

Classic quality, modern performancefirstSp
The Grundfos SP range has withstood the test of time to stand as the ultimate
in submersible pump technology. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel,
SP pumps are used worldwide for raw water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation,
and dewatering – and many industrial applications. When you want it to last,
you choose Grundfos SP.

Durable and efficient
SP pumps combine the very best materials with superior hydraulic design.thirdPictureThey work with great efficiency during periods of high demand – an efficiency
which lasts even after years of operation. To fully utilise this efficiency in your
system, use the SP hydraulics in combination with the MS/MMS range of motors
– they fit the optimum duty point of the SP pumps they are designed for.
Handles tough jobs
High quality quickly becomes apparent when the job gets difficult. It usuallysecondPicturedoes. The SP pump resists sand and other abrasives; it keeps operating when
others give up. You can even choose extra high-grade stainless steel for very
severe conditions. What is more, a range of protection features prevent damage
if things get too tough even for the SP. It’s no wonder, that you find SP solutions
in the toughest environments – e.g. mines and offshore industries worldwide.

Technical data – SP submersible pumps

MS/MMS – motors that improve performance

Quality from one of the world’s
largest motor manufacturers

Grundfos has been making submersible
motors for more than 30 years and is
now one of the world’s largest
manufacturers of high-quality submersible
motors. The MS and MMS submersible motors
are not only rated among the very
best on the market for use with submersible
pumps of any make – they are also
designed to be the perfect fit for the SP pumps,
matching their best duty points.

Canned MS, rewindable MMS

These all-stainless steel, water-filled
motors are available in two basic versions
in a vari ety of sizes from 4” to 12”. The
MS series of canned submersible motors
comes in sizes up to 30 kW (40 hp),
while the MMS series of rewindable motors
come in sizes up to 250 kW (340 hp).
Special versions for demanding industrial
use are also available.