PASHALOUDIS O.E. with the distinctive title “MECHANICAL ANTLIES”, from the first moment of activity of Paschal Paschalis, in 1990, as an independent electrician in the field of electric motors and H/Z., has presented a development path over the years, aiming at improving the services provided and offering integrated solutions in the field of electromechanical equipment.

Today, “Pump Engineering” is based in privately owned facilities in the Industrial area of Thessaloniki, Sindos and specializes in the field of pumping systems providing guaranteed solutions last Technology.

Energy Control of Facilities

Free energy control of pumping plants in cooperation with Grundfos Hellas.

We record, calculate and present to you our economic and technical study of your pumping systems. Finally, we propose you without any commitment the best possible solution for the energy upgrade of your pumping systems.

Contact us and make an appointment for yours installation in apartment buildings, industrial buildings, business complexes, hotels, offices, public services, shopping malls, etc.

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