Water Pressure Equipment

Grundfos CM Boosters

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Grundfos CMB is the world’s no1 water pressure system in the world without expansion tank. Its plumbing part is made of stainless steel AISI304 or on request in AISI316. Its engine is Grundfos with top performance and in combination with the perfect design of its hydraulic part, it is the most reliable solution for the domestic and not only water supply. Its compact construction and completely silent operation, allows it to be installed even in an apartment. Available with pressure manager PM1, PM2 or with PWM inverter.


  • Compact construction
  • No need for an expansion tank
  • Ability to operate with inverter
  • Maintenance not needed
  • Cheap spare parts – service
  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable purchase price
  • 5 years warranty
  • 2 years mixed warranty of controllers
  • Possibility of installation directly in the network
  • Mechanical sealing

Grundfos MQ Domestic Pressure Pumps


The Grundfos MQ range of domestic pressurisers is designed for pumping and supplying clean cold water from tanks only. It is suitable for small residential or commercial building complexes, for small irrigation installations and for transferring water or filling tanks to higher levels.

The MQ pressuriser is a compact pressuriser that encloses a series of sensors (pressure and flow) which ensure that our pressuriser starts and stops at any change in demand. Its built-in protections ensure that the machine can be shut down without water, but also that its motor does not overheat. The biggest innovation in the compressor is the design of the hydro lubricated motor, which in itself keeps the noise level of the compressor at 55 dB. See more about Grundfos MQ here