Pressure Systems

Pressure systems with inverter

Pressure assemblies consisting of 2 to 6 multistage centrifugal pumps, electrical panel, inverter, suction and depression collector, check valves and isolation valves for each pump. Illuminated, easy-to-read display with Greek menu.

Functions – technical details

  • Constant pressure control through continuous adjustment of the pump speed
  • PID controller, with the possibility of changing the controller parameters (Kp, Ti)
  • Maintaining a constant pressure at the measuring point, regardless of the inlet pressure
  • ON/OFF operation at very low flow rates
  • Automatic sequencing of pumps in each operating cycle and also on a time basis for optimum efficiency
  • Selection of minimum time between starts and priority of pump operation
  • Automatic control of pump operation to protect against a large pump shutdown
  • In networks with significant fluctuations in flow rate there is the possibility of proportional adjustment of the desired operating point of the assembly, depending on the friction losses in the network.
  • Possibility of a weekly timetable for adjusting the depression pressure
  • Possibility of standby pumps
  • Possibility of back-up sensor
  • Possibility of reversing the sensor signal
  • Possibility of manual control
  • Possibility of external change of the desired operating point by means of an analogue control signal

Remote control point capability with the following functions

  • ON/OFF of the group
  • Max, min or operating point
  • Alternative adjustment points
  • Configuration of independent digital inputs and outputs
  • Configuration of independent analogue inputs

Display the following on the control panel screen

  • Minimum and maximum limits of depression pressure hydro mpc new
  • Input pressure
  • Motor protection
  • Check sensors and system cables for malfunctions
  • Recording of the last 24 alarms

Indication of the following functions

  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution graphic display with backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Greek menu
  • Green indicator light for operating status and red for fault


  • Available in a single base or individually as required. liqtec
  • Can be manufactured with 1 to 6 electronically controlled pumps.
  • Possibility of delivery and installation in sections in pumping stations with limited space or difficult access.
  • Connection to BMS and Internet