Rainwater pumps Grundfos CC

Drain pumps UNILIFT CC , with plastic cooling jacket and stainless steel motor housing. Ideal for domestic drainage applications. Available with or without float.

Liquid temperature:+4° C έως +40° C (70°C for short time)
Class Protection:IP 68
Κλάση μόνωσης:Β (F for CC7)
Impeller type:Semi-open
CC curves
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Check out in detail to the photos the dimensions for the submersible pumps SEG, for all types, SEG.40.09, SEG.40.15, SEG.40.12, SEG.40.26, SEG.40.31, SEG.40.40. Learn now about all the types of submersible pumps you may be interested in from our page. And don’t forget! Our company provides comprehensive electromechanical plant management programs for commercial buildings, hotels, residential complexes, industries and public facilities. Paschaloudis is the company that provides you the best service and information. Because we want you to know!

Grundfos KP rainwater pumps

The Grundfos KP series of submersible pumps is the most reliable drainage solution for residential and non-residential applications. They consist of a hydro lubricated motor, stainless steel shaft and semi-open vortex impeller. The winding is encased in resin preventing any contact with water. The innovative motor extends the life of the machine, without needing any special maintenance. The version with the integrated vertical float enables the installation in very small spaces and wells with low height.


  • Domestic and industrial drainage
  • Light corrosive liquids
  • Fountains
  • Wine or other liquids
  • Narrow and low wells
Temperature liquid:+0° C to +50° C
Protection class: IP 68
Insulation class: F
Impeller type:Half-open
Free passage: 10 mm
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cc dimensions antlia
  1. Type KP A1 with normal float
  2. Type KP AV1 with vertical float for installation in particularly small wells

The dimensions are the same for all CC types.

Grundfos AP12 rainwater pumps

The Grundfos AP 12 series of submersible pumps is very effective and reliable

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